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    static int replace_no_expand(char* string, const char* from, const char* to);
    // Compute string similarity based on Dice's coefficient
    static double similarity(const char* str1, size_t len1, const char* str2, size_t len2);
+   // Match a wildcarded class list to a proposed class name (in internal form).
+   // Commas separate multiple possible matches; stars are shell-style wildcards.
+   static bool class_list_match(const char* class_list, const char* class_name);
    // Find needle in haystack, case insensitive.
    // Custom implementation of strcasestr, as it is not available on windows.
    static const char* strstr_nocase(const char* haystack, const char* needle);
    // Check if str matches the star_pattern.
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