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@@ -705,11 +705,11 @@
 // Checks that the 'outer' klass has declared 'inner' as being an inner klass. If not,
 // throw an incompatible class change exception
 // If inner_is_member, require the inner to be a member of the outer.
-// If !inner_is_member, require the inner to be unsafe anonymous (a non-member).
+// If !inner_is_member, require the inner to be a nonfindable or unsafe anonymous (a non-member).
 // Caller is responsible for figuring out in advance which case must be true.
 void Reflection::check_for_inner_class(const InstanceKlass* outer, const InstanceKlass* inner,
                                        bool inner_is_member, TRAPS) {
   InnerClassesIterator iter(outer);
   constantPoolHandle cp   (THREAD, outer->constants());
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