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@@ -821,11 +821,12 @@
    void load_method_holder_cld(Register rresult, Register rmethod);
    void load_method_holder(Register holder, Register method);
    // oop manipulations
-   void load_klass(Register dst, Register src);
+   void load_nklass(Register dst, Register src);
+   void load_klass(Register dst, Register src, bool null_check = false);
    void store_klass(Register dst, Register src);
    void cmp_klass(Register oop, Register trial_klass, Register tmp);
    void resolve_weak_handle(Register result, Register tmp);
    void resolve_oop_handle(Register result, Register tmp = r5);

@@ -848,14 +849,14 @@
    // currently unimplemented
    // Used for storing NULL. All other oop constants should be
    // stored using routines that take a jobject.
    void store_heap_oop_null(Address dst);
-   void load_prototype_header(Register dst, Register src);
    void store_klass_gap(Register dst, Register src);
+   void load_prototype_header(Register dst, Register src);
    // This dummy is to prevent a call to store_heap_oop from
    // converting a zero (like NULL) into a Register by giving
    // the compiler two choices it can't resolve
    void store_heap_oop(Address dst, void* dummy);

@@ -1421,10 +1422,13 @@
    void cache_wbsync(bool is_pre);
    // Code for java.lang.Thread::onSpinWait() intrinsic.
    void spin_wait();
+   void lightweight_lock(Register obj, Register hdr, Register t1, Register t2, Label& slow);
+   void lightweight_unlock(Register obj, Register hdr, Register t1, Register t2, Label& slow);
    // Check the current thread doesn't need a cross modify fence.
    void verify_cross_modify_fence_not_required() PRODUCT_RETURN;
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