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@@ -143,10 +143,13 @@
    // Returns NULL if not possible, otherwise sets actual_word_size to the amount of
    // space allocated.
    // This version synchronizes with other calls to par_allocate_impl().
    inline HeapWord* par_allocate_impl(size_t min_word_size, size_t desired_word_size, size_t* actual_word_size);
+   template<bool RESOLVE>
+   void object_iterate_impl(ObjectClosure* blk);
    HeapWord* block_start(const void* p);
    void object_iterate(ObjectClosure* blk);

@@ -181,10 +184,11 @@
    // is not marked (bitmap).
    bool is_obj_dead(const oop obj, const G1CMBitMap* const prev_bitmap) const;
    // Returns the object size for all valid block starts
    // and the amount of unallocated words if called on top()
+   template<bool RESOLVE = false>
    size_t block_size(const HeapWord* p) const;
    // Scans through the region using the bitmap to determine what
    // objects to call size_t ApplyToMarkedClosure::apply(oop) for.
    template<typename ApplyToMarkedClosure>
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