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@@ -247,19 +247,8 @@
    static bool is_marked_as_native_pointer(ArchiveHeapInfo* heap_info, oop src_obj, int field_offset);
    static oop source_obj_to_requested_obj(oop src_obj);
    static oop buffered_addr_to_source_obj(address buffered_addr);
    static address buffered_addr_to_requested_addr(address buffered_addr);
-   // Archived heap object headers carry pre-computed narrow Klass ids calculated with the
-   // following scheme:
-   // 1) the encoding base must be the mapping start address.
-   // 2) shift must be large enough to result in an encoding range that covers the runtime Klass range.
-   //    That Klass range is defined by CDS archive size and runtime class space size. Luckily, the maximum
-   //    size can be predicted: archive size is assumed to be <1G, class space size capped at 3G, and at
-   //    runtime we put both regions adjacent to each other. Therefore, runtime Klass range size < 4G.
-   //    Since nKlass itself is 32 bit, our encoding range len is 4G, and since we set the base directly
-   //    at mapping start, these 4G are enough. Therefore, we don't need to shift at all (shift=0).
-   static constexpr int precomputed_narrow_klass_shift = 0;
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