OpenJDK Backports Monitor: Making Sense of JDK Releases

This page is dedicated to track the maintenance and backporting work in OpenJDK. The reports are generated by JDK Backports Monitor, that queries the Java Bug System (JBS). You can have this data from the JBS itself. These reports simplify maintenance work by presenting the information in the manner convenient for maintainers.

filter-* are the straight queries to JBS filters. These normally need JBS credentials to execute the complex queries, so the dumped reports make the filters accessible for everyone. The alternative list of reports can be found here.

pushes-* are the lists of pushes done to the relevant releases. They are specifically mention the people who did the pushes, not necessarily the authors of the original changes themselves.

orphans-* are the lists of pushes that should have happened, but never actually did. These usually include pushes that are recently approved, but also sometimes list issues that were abandoned after the approval.

label-* are the lists of issues with interesting labels, that are used to track backporting work for some teams.


File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
filter-openjdk-missing-8u222.txt 21402019-Mar-22 18:13
label-actionable-gc-epsilon.txt 9382019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-openjdk-missing-11.0.4.txt 13222019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-oracle-missing-11.0.4.txt 13K2019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-oracle-missing-8u222.txt 61402019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-11.0.2.txt 20K2019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-openjdk8u212.txt 21K2019-Mar-22 18:13
pending-push-12.txt 14422019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-openjdk-missing-8u212.txt 12412019-Mar-22 18:13
label-gc-shenandoah.txt 37K2019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-12.0.2.txt 19K2019-Mar-22 18:13
label-actionable-gc-shenandoah.txt 11K2019-Mar-22 18:13
label-actionable-redhat-openjdk.txt 33K2019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-openjdk-missing-11.0.3.txt 11592019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-pending-push-11u.txt 12292019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-11.0.3.txt 37K2019-Mar-22 18:13
label-gc-epsilon.txt 60042019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-pending-push-8u.txt 10422019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-pending-push-12u.txt 9252019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-oracle-missing-11.0.3.txt 10K2019-Mar-22 18:13
pending-push-11.txt 31592019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-unapproved-12u.txt 11752019-Mar-22 18:13
jdk-backports-monitor.jar 9M2019-Mar-22 18:13
pending-push-8.txt 19592019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-11.0.4.txt 18K2019-Mar-22 18:13
pushes-openjdk8u222.txt 61532019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-unapproved-11u.txt 8712019-Mar-22 18:13
label-redhat-openjdk.txt 151K2019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-unapproved-8u.txt 5262019-Mar-22 18:13
filter-oracle-missing-8u212.txt 59152019-Mar-22 18:13
MD5SUMS 19072019-Mar-22 19:47
SHA1SUMS 21632019-Mar-22 19:47